by Adam Setmeyer | Mar 03, 2014
Welcome to the Epiphanies Blog

Around Marian University the story is often recounted—at least within the circles that I live within—that on the feast of the Epiphany, 1851, 24-year-old Sr. Theresa Hackelmeier arrived at a log cabin in Oldenburg, Indiana. Whether she imagined at that time her decision would have such a wide spread impact, we will never know. What we do know, however, is that her incredible faith and spirit to venture allowed her to board a boat and travel from Austria even when her companion turned back.

Today, Campus Ministry hopes to share Mother Theresa’s spirit of venture by creating a blog that encourages exploration by all those searching and celebrates our Catholic Franciscan faith. The blog is for our Marian University community (though we hope you forward it, like it, and spread it to all those you know), and also by the members of our community. Thus the title, Epiphanies.

If you don’t know the story of the Epiphany, which is celebrated every year on January 6, it can be found here (Matthew 2:1-12), but, in short, it is that moment when the magi visited Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh (a valuable oil). Because the magi (sometimes called “wise men”—who were not observant Jews but eastern astrologers) were revealed the location and meaning of Jesus’ birth, the event signifies the universality of Jesus’ life and mission—in other words, it has meaning for every human being.

We, in Campus Ministry, hope our blog continues in these two great epiphanies. We want to bring the first Epiphany alive on campus by making our Catholic Franciscan faith known and accessible, primarily by sharing stories, and encourage the entire community to participate through Facebook conversations and by submitting your own posts. We want to stand in the tradition of Mother Theresa, by trying something new and adventurous, taking a new initiative on faith, without knowing exactly where it will take us. As a result of these two things in this blog you will find posts on the following topics initially (though we hope to branch out further in the future):

Crossroads - Reflective of Francis' encounter with the leper while traveling along the road, these entries are personal stories of encounters with God in everyday life and encourage others to see Christ at work in their own life. This could highlight an experience at a Campus Ministry run event or team.

Faith 101 - Educational and apologetic pieces focusing on the Catholic faith and its traditions.

Whole Life - Covering relationships, career, finance, travel, studies, athletics, residence hall life, and ethics/morality from a Christian perspective. A mixture of opinion and reflection.

Living Word - Inspirational pieces on scripture, the sacraments, saints, and experiences of prayer.

The Seat of Wisdom - Long form reflections on topics which connect to the mission and values of Marian University. Intellectually curious and challenging.

We hope that you enjoy the blog, and we encourage feedback and conversation.

Many blessings,

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