All You Need to Know About First-Year Move-In Day

by User Not Found | Aug 06, 2021


Move-In Day is a thrilling time to be on campus and we are excited to have many of you joining us in our halls soon! Students can bring guests with them to aid in the move—it is encouraged!  There is no limit for the number of helpers a student can bring with them for move-in.  However, please be cognizant of the space your group takes up.  Additionally, like students, any guest who is not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must wear a mask over their nose and mouth for the duration of the time spent inside a building on campus.

When you arrive to campus on Friday, August 20, you and your student should follow the directional signs to the correct residence hall. Students moving into Caito-Wagner Hall should enter campus from 30th Street, and students moving into Doyle Hall should enter campus from Cold Spring Road. You should plan to arrive on campus no earlier than your student’s check-in time. When you get to the hall, you will be asked to empty your car of belongings, then move your car to a parking lot. Please note that you will not be able to park directly in front of your student’s building, so you will want to empty your car before parking.

We are excited to bring back Marian’s Move-In Crew this year! These are upper-class students who will help you carry your student’s heavy belongings to their bedroom. Move-In Crew is only available on First-Year Move-In day, and they may not be available for every student. Move-In Crew members are not expected to move around university-owned furniture or help change the height of the beds. However, for buildings without elevators (such as Doyle Hall), Move-In Crew can be a huge help to limit the number of trips up and down staircases. Remember that students can get additional items the next time they come home to visit you, and we have Target and Walmart here, too, to purchase toiletries and other items.

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