Graduate Profile: Saint Joe Indy Class of 2021 Mary Miller

by User Not Found | May 06, 2021

Saint Joseph’s College of Marian University - Indianapolis Class of 2021 Mary Miller 

High School: Southport High School Saint Joe Indy student, Mary Miller

For Mary Miller, Saint Joe Indy was the best fit because of the opportunity to gain real-world experience while attending a two-year college.

“Saint Joe Indy was a great fit for me because of the close-knit environment and attention we receive from our professors. The other piece that I love about Saint Joe Indy is our connection to Marian University,” Miller said. “As a student at Saint Joe Indy, I have been a part of the Marian University show choir and theatre. Being a student at Saint Joe Indy has given me the ability to get the best of both worlds.”

Mary will be graduating with a Liberal Arts degree in May and is looking forward to begin her post-graduate internship.

Congratulations on graduating, Mary!

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