Marian University Places Fifth in Advertising Nationals

by User Not Found | Jun 25, 2020

Byrum School of Business 

Marian University's advertising students competed in the National Advertising Case Competition and placed fifth, beating out the University of Notre Dame, the University of California, Berkley, Indiana University, Florida State University, and Oregon University.

“This experience is another strong example of how we formulate transformational business leaders at Marian University. We are quite proud of their achievement,” Greg Rawski, Ph.D., dean of the Byrum School of Business, said. 

Hannah Robinson '21 one of the students who competed for Marian, explained that in years past, the marketing department had competed in a business-to-customer (B-2-C) approach, where the purpose was to entice the customer to purchase the product they were selling. This year, however, teams were tasked with a business-to-business (B-2-B) model and had to demonstrate to another business that they were a superior advertising company.

"All the teams were assigned AdTech [an advertising technology],” Robinson said. “Our goal was to show that with AdTech, you can easily market to others while not compromising the experience of marketing. We wanted to show others that with AdTech, you can have the same joyful experience with fewer interruptions."

To demonstrate this concept, the team began drafting a series of ads. The commercials demonstrated that using a different advertising company would only get you half the experience you could get by choosing AdTech.

Along with the commercial, the team compiled a report of extensive research and recommendations, held a presentation, and answered questions from executives at Adobe.

If you are looking for real-world experience as a college student, the Byrum School of Business is for you. Not only are you required to have at least one internship by the time you graduate, you will also be allowed to compete in business events like the National Advertising Case Competition against students from across the country.

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