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 Kayla Fisher '21 | May 14, 2020

Small campus feel in a big city SmallCityBigCampus

Our beautiful campus quickly becomes a home away from home. The people are friendly, the campus has a lot to offer without being too big, and there are a ton of outdoor spaces to hangout or study. You have access to everything Indianapolis has to offer, like internships and jobs, while getting all the benefits of a close-knit college campus.

Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall is a catch-all for everything you AlumniHall need as a student. For starters, our Starbucks is there which is a regular hot spot on campus. But, you can also grab a bite to eat, study, or hang out with your friends. It is one of our most commuter-friendly buildings and a social hub on campus!


One of the best things about Marian Swing is all of its green space, even though we are located in Indianapolis, campus still remains a beautiful escape from the busy city. The swings are great because they are located all around campus in areas where you can relax and enjoy people-watching or the views of campus.

Marian Maniacs

The Marian Maniacs are super Football fans to all of Marian athletics! You will find the Maniacs painted in gold and blue at football games or running a dance contest at the basketball games. They get everyone pumped up for home games, give out Marian swag, and set up events for all students to attend. GO KNIGHTS!

FREE help everywhere

College can be difficult for students Computer on many different levels. What’s great about Marian though is that you never have to deal with struggles alone. Whether it be a personal challenge or an issue in a class Marian offers free resources to students so they can be successful. From our Counseling and Consultation Services, Writing Center, peer tutoring, Speaking Studio, and more you will find what you need! 

Residence Halls

When you live on campus, you Dorms become a part of our campus. The residence halls are full of memories, including ones you’ll make during your time living there. From all hall events to staying up late talking with your roommate there is a lot of fun to be had! This is where your life-long friends are made.


The EcoLab is like Marian’s own EcoLab national park. 55 acres of natural land that has a walking trail and outdoor classroom for students to utilize whenever they please. It is the perfect place to explore.

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First home football game parade

One of the best days on campus Cheer is our first home football game of the season! Our Marian family is BIG, and nothing shows that better than when we have our first home football game parade. There you can see all current students, alumni, and their families lined up to watch our band play the fight song led by President Elsener! It is a Marian tradition.

Ms. Wanda

Many people will tell you their Wanda favorite thing about Marian is the people. Ms. Wanda works in our dining commons and brings a smile to the face of everyone passing through. She loves talking to students and celebrating big holidays with us! 

St. Francis Colonnade

Our campus has many outdoor Colonnade areas to relax, but the St. Francis colonnade is one where you can do that and reflect on your faith. Newly renovated, it is a beautiful spot for students to appreciate the world and living things around us. 

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