Custodians of Beauty Make Their Mark on Christmas

by User Not Found | Dec 11, 2019
  • president Elsener with Custodians of Beauty
  • president Elsener festival of trees

The Festival of Trees presented by the Indiana Historical Society is an event that celebrates the holiday season annually by inviting Indianapolis-based companies to decorate a tree representing their business. The Marian University tree was proudly designed and decorated by Marian’s all-major student art group, the Custodians of Beauty.

The theme of the tree was titled “Praise of the Creatures” as they were inspired by St. Francis and the animals. The members created multiple handmaid felt ornaments that told the stories of St. Francis.

The Custodians of Beauty is a community of artists from all different genres and skill levels who want to promote and spread beauty through their craft. They participate regularly in activities such as poetry nights, critiquing artwork, visiting museums, watching films, performing, etc. They are a place where students from all walks of life, all majors, and all talents can come together to express themselves and have fun.

Jenny Ambroise, assistant professor of art, said, “The tree is a testament to the importance of care for all creations.” But even beyond that Ambroise said that the tree showed The Custodians of Beauty’s exemplary team work, collaboration, and support for one another and the project. The Festival of Trees provided a fun outlet for members of The Custodians of Beauty to display their abilities and showcase the importance of the Franciscan Tradition and Holiday Spirit.

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