Finding Leadership Opportunities through Student Organizations

by User Not Found | Nov 15, 2019

The Office of Student Activities, within the division of Student Success and Engagement at Marian University, recognizes the benefits associated with participating in student organizations. Participation helps to foster greater student involvement, leadership development, and greater opportunities to benefit from hands-on experiences.

 Student organizations provide students with chances to explore and develop their interests and passions while complementing academic learning with real life application. With over 35 undergraduate student organizations on campus there are many options for students to choose from. By being part of an organization students have the opportunity to plan events for the campus community, apply for funding each semester and keep track of budgeting. They work together as a group to provide 2 hours of community service back to the Indianapolis community and learn how to function with their peers in a working environment that is geared towards their passion.

Student organizations at Marian University vary in size, purpose, and implementation. If there is something that students are passionate about that is currently not on campus, students are able to apply to become a new student organization. All they need is a faculty or staff advisor, 3 members and a constitution. Regardless of whether a student organization is only five students or three hundred, the Office of Student Activities wishes to aid every organization in achieving their goals.

Students can explore the many student organizations on campus at our Activities Fair on the second Tuesday of every semester. Connect and our bulletin boards on campus can also be used to learn more about organizations and when groups are hosting information meetings.

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