Why Leadership Experience is so important for College Students

by User Not Found | Nov 12, 2019

Colleges place a considerable emphasis on students participating in leadership opportunities prior to graduating. You’ve likely already heard how important it is for students to build their resumes with leadership experiences in college, but may not be sure how exactly being a club president or orientation leader will pay off after college.

Here are five ways leadership experiences will help students be successful after college:

  1. Build confidence

    Taking on a leadership role in college often challenges students to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. With each leadership opportunity, students develop not only valuable skills, but the confidence of knowing they’re able to work with others to conquer a variety of challenges.

  2. Learn to manage tasks and people

    Whichever career field students pursue after college, they will likely be leading a team and balancing multiple tasks. Leadership roles enable students to practice these skills while refining their problem solving and organization skills.

  3. Develop communication skills

    Communication and interpersonal skills are invaluable in today’s workforce. Especially in interviews, it’s of utmost importance that students take advantage of opportunities that will challenge them to be better at networking, public speaking, and communicating.

  4. Discover your strengths

    Leadership looks different for everyone, and each person brings unique skills and abilities to their team or workplace. In college, students have the opportunity to take on a variety of diverse roles that will enable them to learn what their strengths are and how they can best contribute in a team-oriented environment.

  5. Impact your community
    Employers are looking for individuals who make a difference on their campuses and communities. Having an impact on others will not only be an enjoyable and meaningful experience for you, but will also be noticed on your resume by employers.

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