Student Success and Strengths – CliftonStrengths Finder at The Exchange

by User Not Found | Oct 21, 2019
Many of us have grappled with the question, “What do I want to be when I grow up?” While many ponder that question, students sometimes feel an unnecessary pressure to have it all figured out. In The Exchange, Marian University’s career development office, we try to ease that pressure by guiding students to resources and experiences to forge their individual path with clarity and confidence. One way we connect with students early on is through their First-Year Seminar course. Students learn all about The Exchange, the resources we provide, beneficial events to attend, and how to be an advocate for themselves as they consider their future. They are introduced to numerous helpful career exploration resources on our website. Additionally, each student completes the CliftonStrengths assessment, allowing them to uncover and articulate their natural gifts and talents. 

Through the CliftonStrengths assessment, students may learn that they are a natural communicator (Communication), problem-solver (Restorative), or competitor (Competition). They may gain an appreciation for the thoughtful consideration they put into a decision (Deliberative), or they may learn about their gift for taking quick action once a decision has been made (Activator). They may naturally look to the past to better understand the present (Context), or they may be fascinated in thinking about the future (Futuristic). No matter their results, they are all wonderful gifts, and we want our students to be good stewards of those natural talents. 

So, what can you do to support your student in the areas of career exploration and development? Many things! Encourage your student to check out our resources and visit our office. Help connect your student with individuals in fields related to their future goals. Point out areas where your student has natural abilities. And ask about their CliftonStrengths results. As we often tell students, those who know us best often see things in us that we may not even see in ourselves. Be that eye-opener for your student and we will certainly do the same. 

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