Small Goals are Vital to Success

by User Not Found | Oct 14, 2019

 Midterm performance serves as key indicator of how your student is doing academically.These grades provide helpful information at a crucial time in the semester and becomes directional for both students and parents approaching the second half of the semester. 

As a parents, it is in your nature to care, worry, encourage, and inquire about your child. Midterms can be a great opportunity for you to check in with your college student. If she is doing just fine and transitioning well, congratulate her and encourage her. If she has not scored or transitioned in the way she anticipated, have her assess what areas she struggled and what she feels may help improve the scores.  

The Office of Academic Engagement provides an array of resources for all students. We offer peer tutoring, along with Supplemental Instruction (SI) for historically difficult courses, academic success seminars, and academic success coaching. In addition, we hire students who have done well in courses as peer tutors with professor recommendations. Peer tutoring may be an opportunity for students to building academic strengths! All of our resources are free of charge and we encourage Marian students and parents to contact us to take advantage of our services. For more information, you may email or call (317) 955-6595.  

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