10 reasons to attend Homecoming/Gala Weekend 2019

by User Not Found | Jul 03, 2019

Carolyn Swartz '18 | July 3, 2019

1. We are offering a THRIVIN' deal.


We have put together a special deal available only to alumni for a limited time. By purchasing the weekend package, you will save over $200. A gala ticket typically runs for $500; however, with this special deal, not only are you getting into the 2019 Thrive Gala for $300, but we include a homecoming game day ticket, an all-alumni reception, and piano concert in the mix. It's like Christmas in October!

2. This opportunity doesn’t come around often.

Establish Rules 

While Homecoming Weekend and Marian University Gala occur annually, it is not typical that they are on the same weekend. You are special to us, so when the time came around to offer a special deal to the world's best alumni, we jumped at the opportunity. We hope you will join us in celebrating all Marian has to offer.  

3. You will have access to ALL alumni favorite activities. 


Thirsty Thursday, gala, football game, special mass, and more! Visit marian.edu/homecoming for a full list of events including in this special deal. Our weekend is jam-packed with favorite alumni events.

4. It’s more than another gala or game.

Roommate's Lifestyle

The definition of homecoming “is an instance of coming home.” The definition of gala is “a special social occasion.” Special? Home? It’s all laid out for you! Take this special occasion to return to your college home. Bring the family and your old roommate and celebrate. After all, this isn’t just another gala or game—it’s something more.

5. Support student scholarships.

 Making Friends

The weekend has multiple opportunities to give and get. One way is through your gala ticket (even with our great deal). Half of your purchase goes straight into the Marian University Scholarship Fund to support the current and incoming students. Your donation will allow students to continue learning and growing as leaders. What’s not to love?

6. Spend time with fellow alumni.

Be Considerate

We know you want to get re-acquainted with former classmates from Marian University. What a great opportunity to spend time with the alumni association and mingle with other class years at the place you all call home.

7. It's an excuse to visit campus.

Be good a listener

How long has it been since you've returned to campus? Whether it's been less than a week or more than a decade, this is a great time to see what has changed and grown since you graduated and hear more about what's to come. Take the opportunity to explore your favorite spots or take a tour with us.

8. Enjoy a fancy night out mixed with tailgating fun.

Enjoy College

Whether you prefer high heels and bow ties or t-shirt and blue jeans, we've got you covered. Who needs an excuse to get dolled up for a night out and have a Marian style dance party at the gala? Or perhaps you prefer to grab a beer with friends and cheer on the Knights. With this deal, you can have both!

9. Check out Marian University’s 2019 athletics.

Student and Sister Norma 

Tailgating, football, and alumni, oh my! Cheer on the current football team and learn more about how to support them through the M-Club. Did Marian have a football team when you were a student? The program began in 2007-08 academic year and has won NAIA National Championship. Come be a part of the 2019 journey to playoffs. 

10. We want to celebrate with you.


Let's be honest...we want a reason to see you. We love Marian, you love Marian, let's celebrate that together. Not only do we encourage you to visit campus and support scholarships, but we just want to spend more time getting to know you and celebrating the greatness that is Marian University.

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