Dear Transfer Students....

by User Not Found | Jun 15, 2019

Karaline Staggs | June 15, 2019

Transfer students

Dear Transfer students...

Just two years ago I was a sophomore in college wondering where I was going to go next. I had just graduated from a Junior College, and was looking for somewhere to continue my education.

That’s when I found Marian University Indianapolis.

I was given the opportunity by the Women’s soccer coach to attend, and play soccer at Marian! The very first time I visited Marian I knew it was where I wanted to be. A number of things made my decision to attend Marian super easy. The tour guide made me feel at home, and explained Marian in a way that sounded great to me. He described the type of people that attended Marian, and explained how nice everybody was here. Each place we visited he seemed to keep running into students he knew, and would greet them in passing before continuing the tour. I loved that. I also like nice people, so of course I was sold! It honestly felt like a home away from home instantly.

The people made adapting fun, and easy.

Adapting to a new place isn’t hard when you are surrounded by great people. At Marian I found the BEST people. I found unbelievably helpful advisers, incredibly supportive professors, and the best friends I could ever have. I truly met my second family here at Marian.

I found myself.

Before Marian I had little to no idea what direction I was headed in life. That changed over the course of my 2 years here however. I found the perfect major for me, as well as a path that I was excited to follow. Honestly though, I owe a lot of my successes, and breakthroughs to my advisers, and professors. These are the people who allowed me to figure myself out in the most supportive way. The best part is, they wanted to see me grow, and do well, and I couldn’t be more grateful!

What are you made of?

This is a question Marian asks their students. This question was essential to my Marian experience because being here allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone, be challenged academically, and learn how to prepare myself for the world outside of Marian. Marian encouraged me to grow closer to what I’m made of.

I’m glad I made the choice to come to Marian

I’m grateful to have spent my last 2 years here at Marian. I found lifelong best friends, a great career path, and most importantly a second home away from home.

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