How to balance work and college

by User Not Found | Jun 11, 2019

June 11, 2019 

Tips to Balancing School and Work

Saint Joe Indy realizes that many students need to bring in an income while taking classes. To make sure you are able to do both, we created the Earn and Learn internship program, which we discussed in a recent blog. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week, you have time to devote to your internship. On Tuesday and Thursday each week, you’ll attend classes.

Where do homework and studying fit into this new schedule? That’s where time management, decision making, communication, and planning become necessary. Gaining these valued soft skills is an added benefit to earning paid, industry-specific experience.

Stick to a schedule

You already know which days you’ll be in class and on the job. Make sure you schedule regular time to stay on top of homework and test preparation. This helps avoid procrastinating or forgetting to block off time. Also, make time for yourself. Committing to healthy downtime will help you remain focused and motivated.

As a person with a busy life, it’s important to keep your calendar either written down or recorded digitally to balance school and work. Using a physical planner works for some students, while others prefer keeping their calendar apps up-to-date with reminders and to-do lists. Find what works for you, and most importantly, stick with it!

Set priorities

When you know what’s on your agenda for the work and academic week because of a set calendar, you can then establish priorities. You’ll know what is most important to accomplish by what date. If you know you have a certain amount of hours to spend on an assignment, you can divide the hours among your time off work so that it remains manageable. This helps you stay productive and efficient.

Communicate with your employer Your internship employer will know you juggle responsibilities with the job and school. While your new boss will expect you to keep your job commitments, let them know in advance if you have finals and/or other major academic activities that may require flexible hours that week.

Find support

When in doubt, ask for help. Saint Joe Indy faculty and staff are here to support you throughout your college years. Visit your professors during office hours if you need extra guidance. Many of our faculty and staff have been in your shoes before and can give you tips from experience. Your classmates in your cohort will also navigate the same schedule as you, allowing you to lean on each other for encouragement.

Tap into resources and amenities

As a Saint Joe Indy student, you’ll have access to Marian University’s resources and amenities. We have options across campus to boost your academic and personal life. Here are some of the many ways to take advantage of our offerings:

Maximize your “in between” time

Think of the time you spend in the car commuting to and from places, like work, school, and other errands. Those minutes add up quickly over the course of a week. You can listen to audio versions of your textbook while driving. You can also make study aids like audio flashcards or listen to a recorded lecture. This will help you not lose valuable time needed for reading assignments.

Make time for health and wellness

You’ll feel more equipped to take on each day as a student and as an individual if you take care of yourself mentally and physically. If you feel the weight of personal struggles, talk to someone at The Counseling and Consultation Services office. We also have student health services for a variety of health and wellness needs. And when you need a break from both work and college, spend time in your growing and active city. There’s always something to do in Indy!

Secure your success

Finding the perfect balance between work and college may seem like a challenge, but in the end, it’s worth the invested time. If you want to talk about how this program will benefit your future, contact us or submit an interest form. We’re excited to help you reach your goals!

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