Associate degree vs bachelor’s degree: which one works best for you?

by User Not Found | Apr 30, 2019

Benefits to Getting an Associates Degree

Saint Joseph’s College of Marian University - Indianapolis is a two-year college designed for students who want to create a promising future for themselves, with the help of supportive mentors and focused education.

A new Saint Joe Indy cohort begins classes each summer and graduates together in 24 months, earning an associate degree. By attending class year-round, you get to stay fully involved with your coursework and have access to faculty and resources whenever you need them. We’re located on Marian’s campus, meaning that you get to tap into a wide range of amenities.

You may consider whether an associate or bachelor’s degree makes sense for your future. While there are benefits to both, we will help decide which path ensures your success.

Benefits of an associate degree
Each week, the Saint Joe Indy program follows the same schedule format with internship and classes. One of our unique benefits is that you’ll take part in the Earn and Learn internship program, gaining paid, hands-on work experience in your industry. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays each week will be designated internship days. In addition to working on the days off from the classroom, you’ll also have valuable time to catch up on homework and prepare for tests. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will meet for class with your professors and peers.

Another benefit of completing the Saint Joe Indy associate degree is that you’ll gain direct admittance to Marian University to continue your studies for a bachelor’s degree if that is the next step you choose. This provides a way to become familiar with the college workload and save money before potentially entering a four-year program.

Benefits of a bachelor’s degree
When selecting an undergraduate major, you may pick between a variety of industries and career aspirations. For example, Marian University has 43 undergraduate programs. The diverse options may appeal to you if you have a specific career path that will require a specialized bachelor’s degree and potentially further studies.

While it’s possible to work while earning a bachelor’s degree, the class schedule is typically less flexible. While Marian seeks to help students find internships, those opportunities may or may not be paid. Saint Joe Indy, knowing that financial security is a top priority for many of our students, has made paid work experience a guaranteed benefit.

Together, we’ll help you succeed

If you want to discuss how Saint Joe Indy works and if our community is a good place for you, contact us at any time or submit an interest form. We’re excited to hear from you!

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