Six tips for landing your dream college internship

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 November 7, 2018


At Marian University, we’re committed to preparing you for the internship of your dreams and connecting you to the next step in your career. Landing an internship during college allows you to gain valuable experience while working toward your degree. You also apply what you learn in the classroom in a real-world setting.

When you graduate, you will already have your foot in the door in an industry you know you want to work in. Ultimately, an internship may lead to a full-time position at your company or to another position where previous experience is required. Check out our six tips below on how to earn your dream internship.

Create a resume and cover letter
Before you start to apply for internship opportunities, you need to create a resume and cover letter. Review our resume examples for each major at Marian to compare against yours. Make sure your information stays accurate and up-to-date as you begin to apply. It’s also helpful to establish a clean and credible Linkedin presence during this time. Employers may check your profile out during the interview process.

Build a portfolio
Some internships may require a portfolio of previous work. It’s helpful to keep this in mind as you take courses at Marian so that you can put together samples of classwork and any extracurricular work that you complete to show your potential employer. This should showcase your best work to date and set you apart from other applicants.

Brush up on interview skills
Each interview will provide a unique experience. To prepare, you should be able to answer questions about your experience and education. You will also need to tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job posting and company needs. Be prepared to share why you want the internship and how you would benefit the organization. We also provide a professional clothing closet on campus for you to be able to dress professionally and appropriately for job interviews. Once you’ve completed those steps, you may schedule a mock interview with our staff at the Exchange, our office dedicated to career development, to practice the process.

Check for internships geared toward your major
Check Handshake, our online job platform, to see what’s available. It lists openings for students and alumni across the nation. Create an account and upload your resume to get started on your search. We recommend checking regularly for new postings. We also suggest talking with your professors to see if they know of any openings in your field of choice.

Network with professionals in Indianapolis
Another way to set yourself up for success is to start professional networking. Many industries host local meetings and events where you may meet people you may want to work for or with. Getting involved in these activities will allow you to establish meaningful connections with people in your career field.

Attend Marian career fairs and events
At career fairs, you may speak directly to companies who are looking for an intern. It is a chance to talk in person and hand them a resume. We suggest talking to many different employers to see where you may be the best fit. You may work at one or a couple of internships before finding your dream opportunity, so these connections will help throughout your student experience and later in your career. Keep an eye on upcoming Exchange events.

Visit the Exchange at Marian University for more information.

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