Our top six tips for financial aid success in 2019-20

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At Marian University, we believe an outstanding education shouldn’t break the bank. We also understand that finding ways to pay for college, keeping student loan debt low, and saving money on educational expenses is a top priority for students and parents.

So here are some suggestions and tips to ensure you’re all set for college next year.

TIP #1

The first—and most important step—is to complete the 2019-20 Free Application for Federal Student Aid or FAFSA.

  • Even if you think you won’t qualify for federal aid, your FAFSA application is utilized by colleges and universities across the U.S. to also determine your eligibility for state and university financial aid, like scholarships and grants.
  • But nearly all students who apply qualify for some form of federal financial aid, according to U.S. News & World Report.
  • If you live in Indiana, the deadline for completing your application is April 15, 2019.
  • If you live outside of Indiana, you can find your state’s deadline on the FAFSA website.
  • You must complete the FAFSA every year you remain enrolled in college. If you’re like most students, that means you will complete four FAFSA applications.

TIP #2

Start your FAFSA application as soon as possible in order to have time to gather the information needed to complete it and avoid any mistakes or delays.

  • First, you will create an account with username and password on the FAFSA website. Then you’re ready to get started on the application.
  • As you complete the application, you’ll be prompted to provide information like Social Security number, driver’s license number, 2017 tax records, and a list of school(s) you want to attend. Each school you want to attend has its own unique code. Marian’s school code is 001821.

TIP #3

If you haven’t already done so, apply for admission to each college and university you would like to attend.
  • We recommend you apply for admission as early as possible, especially if you want to be considered for the maximum scholarship, grant, and other types of financial aid that may be offered by each school.
  • At Marian, you are automatically considered for all university scholarships and grants when you apply for admission. No separate applications are required!

TIP #4

  • Explore local scholarships offered by businesses and organizations in your home community. Learn whether your town's Rotary Club chapter, professional associations, or religious groups offer merit and need-based scholarship awards and, if so, apply for them. Even scholarships for a little as $500 can make a big difference in helping pay for college.

TIP #5

  • Visit websites like Fastweb, BigFuture, Scholarships.com, and Niche Scholarships, to find other financial aid for which you might be eligible. On these sites, you’ll be able to look through a list of scholarships to see award amounts and requirements. Some applications take only a few minutes, while others may require a written essay or assignment.

TIP #6

  • Beware of financial aid scams! Avoid marketing tactics that ask you to pay for free services—don’t pay for help to find money for college. Learn how to spot potential fraud, prevent identity theft, and more.

The good news is that over 99 percent of Marian students receive some type of financial aid in the form of academic scholarships, transfer scholarships, faith scholarships, talent-based awards, grants, education loans, and federal and state aid.


  • Scholarships, awards, and grants do not have to be repaid.
  • Loans must be repaid over time following specified conditions. Review types of loans carefully to determine which type may work best for your situation.

Marian’s Office of Financial Aid is here to help you find ways to afford a great education. Find out more about how to apply for financial aid or contact us with questions. For information, visit marian.edu/financialaid.

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