The best ways to use your Finance degree

by User Not Found | Jun 27, 2018

June 27, 2018

You’re done with your final exam, finished the graduation pomp and circumstance, and celebrated with friends. Now how do you make all the hard work you put into obtaining your finance degree pay off? 

Let’s go over some finance degree careers you might be interested in pursuing.

Trading and Sales Analyst

As a trading and sales analyst, you’ll be supporting more experienced salesman and traders when you start out. Your main job role will be doing research, crunching numbers, and presenting reports that help your firm make investment decisions.

This type of role also requires great customer service skills. Trading and sales analysts spend a good deal of time on the phone talking to people and building up contacts to help you source information around potential stock and sales opportunities. Computer software skills are also a big plus in this position, with advanced Excel skills being a real bonus. You’ll use your analysis talent to pull together reliable data to help traders and salesman make final decisions around purchases.

Salary Range

Trading and sales analysts earned an average of $67,310 per year in 2016.

Who’s Hiring?

Group One Trading LP – This Chicago trading firm hires and trains new graduates on stock options trading and other skills needed to be a successful trader.

Financial Analyst

Financial analysts help their firms do market research and find trends to locate potential investment opportunities. This position requires a firm grasp of statistical analysis and modeling. You’ll need to present all potential risks and opportunities around an investment in a clear manner.

Candidates can find this position in quite a few industries like non-profits, investment banks, all levels of government, and individual businesses. Qualified candidates need to be able to perform sound analysis of market conditions and accurately determine the financial strength of any entity your company may invest in.

Salary Range

Financial Analysts earned an average of $81,760 per year in 2016.

Who’s Hiring?

Parker and Lynch LLC – This firm finds top talent across industries and matches them up with companies seeking someone with their skillset. They’re based in Chicago and often have positions open for recent college graduates.

Financial Advisor

While Financial Analysts help direct their business’ investments, Financial Advisors help individuals and estates manage their money over the long-term. Here, you have a hands-on role in helping clients manage their money. You’ll provide them with analysis to guide their decisions around investments and retirement planning. That requires you to have the skills to do the necessary research on any investment opportunity.

The position requires strong interpersonal skills to build yourself a strong client base. Your best path to future success is establishing a strong track record of helping your clients achieve their financial goals.

Salary Range

In 2016, Financial Advisors earned an average of $90,530 per year.

Who’s Hiring?

Thrivent Financial – This financial services company prides itself on encouraging clients to find ways to give back as much as they can due to their Christian principles. Based in Indianapolis, the company offers a training program to help new employees gain certifications in insurance and financial planning.

As you look into possible finance major careers, think about what you want to be doing five or ten years from now. Pursue opportunities that set you up for long-term success.

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