You Can Get Involved In Campus Ministries At Marian University

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June 20, 2018

You Can Get Involved In Campus Ministries At Marian University

Your gifts, talents and abilities are in high demand at Marian Catholic Campus Ministries (CCM), the student-run organization which sponsors numerous faith-based activities. There are ample opportunities. Getting involved at Marian is for everyone.

Short-Term Opportunities

Routine Local Service

Situated in the city of Indianapolis, the Marian University campus is in prime position to affect the densely populated city through service. Students Taking Active Reflective Roles (STARR) is a once-a-week opportunity to take part in reflective service in the Indianapolis community, without a long-term commitment. With weekly Friday afternoon meetings from 3 to 5 p.m., the time commitment fits busy schedules.

Weekend of Service and Social Training

  • The Rising Social Justice Retreat is a Catholic social teaching-based retreat which includes a blend of service and training.
  • Retreat Service comprises direct service, hunger banquet, social justice stations of the cross throughout downtown Indianapolis
  • Retreat Social Training comprises student witness talks, prayer, reflection, small group discussion

Long-Term Opportunities

Days of Service

Days of Service is an ongoing group service outreach to the Indianapolis community. First Day of Service: Incoming freshman and new students are encouraged to come and serve the local community together then participate in small group reflection.

Immersive Domestic and Global Outreaches

Offered during semester breaks in the spring, fall, and in the month of May, Alternative Breaks give students the chance to serve those in need in the U.S. and abroad while experiencing immersion in a different culture. Led by Marian's student Alternative Break board and accompanied by faculty advisors, teams travel to domestic regions like Appalachia, New Mexico, and abroad to South American countries like Guatemala.

These service trips introduce students to pressing social issues and equip them for transformational leadership roles at home and abroad.

Career Experience Through Volunteerism

The Post Graduate Service Fair is for students of all ages and all majors who have a career path in mind and want relevant experience while serving. At the fair, students have the chance to meet and connect with representatives of volunteer programs. Joining volunteer organizations is an experience that can change people for life.

Ongoing Community Leadership Roles

The Catholic Relief Services Ambassadors is a student organization that engages the campus community to act on global emergencies and injustices. The Ambassadors organize:

  • awareness campaigns
  • prayer services
  • candlelight vigils
  • faith-sharing groups
  • legislative advocacy
  • fundraising campaigns for global emergencies

No matter the time you have to devote to ministry or what level you’re looking to commit, Marian has plenty of campus ministry opportunities. Get involved today!

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