The value of a liberal arts education

by User Not Found | Jan 25, 2018

Edited by Susan Sullivan | January 25, 2018​

As STEHM (science, technology, engineering, healthcare, and mathematics) careers and their associated majors continue to be popular with students entering college, many people are beginning to question the value of a liberal arts education.

But the question doesn’t have to be either/or. Research indicates that employers hiring STEHM graduates place a higher value on those who incorporated liberal arts courses into their studies, and liberal arts majors are landing jobs and succeeding in careers in a wide variety of fields.

At Marian University, you can have it all. Students who choose to pursue a degree in one of our many liberal arts majors—including communication, political science, history, sociology, psychology and more—find themselves prepared for careers in marketing, sales, public relations, social work, education, and human resources to name a few.

Meanwhile, Marian students who choose to specialize in STEHM-related majors also take liberal arts core courses that HR executives say provide them with “characteristics that stimulate efficiency and resourcefulness,” giving them a leg-up on the competition.

Whichever major and career path you choose, Marian University faculty will challenge you in the classroom while providing the support and personal attention required to ensure your success. You will be prepared not only for your first job, you will be prepared for your career and life.

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