Challenge and Beauty of Leadership

by User Not Found | Jun 06, 2022

June 6, 2022


Leadership (verb). A particular kind of work: Mobilizing others to make progress on a difficult challenge. Asking people, including ourselves, to stare into an issue we would rather deny or avoid. Disappointing people at a rate they can stand so that, ultimately, they and the larger group can be more productive, more life-giving, more creative. How would we begin to build capacity to play that kind of sacred role in the lives of others? How do we avoid becoming just another in a string of bad bosses in the lives of people who are doing the best they know how?

What if the core leadership skills begin with building awareness—growing in our ability to listen deeply and ask questions from a place of curiosity? What if it involves letting go of “me”—my need to know the way, my need to be right, to have the answer?

At Marian, we invite you to build your capacity to exercise leadership in real-time. Using the classroom as a learning lab and the renowned Adaptive Leadership framework as our guide, we practice our skills in real-time, in the moment, with the class itself serving as our “case in point.“

Are you up for the challenge?

Continue your leadership journey through Marian Leadership Academy.

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