Dream big: A graduate’s story

by User Not Found | Oct 08, 2018

By Lynn Wybiral | October 8, 2018

Stephanie Campbell, 2018 BBA GraduateStephanie Campbell, August 2018 Bachelor of Business Administration graduate, dreams big.  

Her dreams began at an early age, while attending elementary school in northern Indiana. She loved school. She loved learning. Her good grades even allowed her to believe she was smart.

Then, her family moved to Indianapolis and the good grades didn't come as easily. Stephanie really didn’t like her new school. Something just didn't feel right; she didn't fit in. She began questioning her “smartness.”  

To her good fortune, Stephanie’s family moved again, which meant she would attend a new high school. There, she regained her confidence and found her love for education. Her new school was a perfect fit… academically challenging, but with the support and encouragement she needed to soar again. Even though the curriculum was demanding, Stephanie accepted the challenges and excelled. She recaptured her belief that anything was possible.

After high school, Stephanie dreamed of becoming one of the first in her family to earn a college degree. She found her “academic home” with Marian’s Adult Programs. Stephanie shares, “As a young adult trying to establish myself in life while working full-time and living on my own, I needed flexibility and understanding. Marian’s Adult Programs gave me that and so much more!”

“[T]here were hard, trying times” Stephanie admits. She credits the support of her father, her aunts, and God during those times. Earning an Associate of Business Administration in 2017, followed by a Bachelor of Business Administration in 2018. "With highest honors," Stephanie proclaimed, “I DID IT like NIKE!” Her dream of earning a college degree had become a reality.

Even before the ink was dry on her diploma, she accepted a paid internship with a business where her career path of project management has begun. She finds it no coincidence that Marian led her to the internship, as the company’s CIO is also a Marian alum! He clearly understands the value represented by a degree from Marian University. Stephanie has been all but assured full-time employment with the company upon conclusion of the internship.

She is grateful. Stephanie summarizes her gratitude, “Marian University has truly been a grand experience and a true blessing to my life. Most importantly, MU has helped me transform my dream into my reality. And I know, without a doubt, that they will continue being a blessing for our upcoming Knights, as well.” 

So, what is Stephanie's advice… dream big! 

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