Happy Father's Day!

by User Not Found | Jun 15, 2018

By Amy Bennett | June 15, 2018

Amy Bennett family photo cir. 1965Today, as I write this blog, I can say that I had a great father. When he was alive, I’m not sure I would have said that. I take that back. I know I wouldn’t have said that. My father was the complete opposite of me, so we didn’t always get along. He was an introvert and he didn’t like change. He was a strict parent and he was a perfectionist. He never showed emotion and his political views were radically conservative. Growing up, we butted heads constantly, and even into adulthood, we had more than our share of very heated arguments.

So given all of that, why do I say my dad was a great dad? In spite of everything, my parents always put their children first, and my father taught us some very valuable lessons:

  • Don’t be frivolous with your money. As retirement is drawing nearer, I’m sure glad I listened.
  • Physical hard work is good for your soul. Even though I complain about mowing, I must say I take pride in my lawn and I care about the way my home looks.
  • Patience. Okay, this is one I’m working on, but I know it’s an important trait.
  • Read! My love of reading comes from my father.
  • Have a strong work ethic. My dad worked for the same company his entire life. He was very proud of that and he was also proud of the fact that he only had to use 10 sick days his entire career.
  • Look to the past for answers. My dad was a history buff and my parents and grandparents saved all kinds of stuff. While those things bored me to tears back then, I now appreciate the political buttons, old newspapers describing major world events, and family pictures back several generations.
  • Someone is always going to have more than you do, but a lot of people have way, way less than you. Wow! This is a good thing for all of us to remember every day.
  • Enjoy nature. Growing up, we always had the best manicured yard in the neighborhood. My love of gardening comes from my dad.

My dad was a different kind of parent than I am to my son. Even so, I’m trying to instill those same lessons in Andy that my father instilled in us—I’m just doing it in a different manner. With Father’s Day coming up, I reflect on my dad and think how lucky I was. I had a great father. I wish I would have told him that more often. This weekend would be a good time to remind those closest to you how much you care about them—whether that’s your dad, your mom, your sister, or your best friend. After all, Father’s Day is really about remembering and showing gratitude. 

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