What are you made of?

by User Not Found | Oct 02, 2017

By Tameria Cox, R.N., D.N.P. | October 2, 2017

Tameria CoxWhat are you made of? This statement, which is also Marian University’s slogan for the year, is a very good question... It led me to ponder:

  • What am I made of?
  • What are others made of?
  • What is Marian made of?

What am I made of?

I always knew I wanted to become a nurse. In fact, in high school, I enrolled in a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) course. After graduation, I worked as a home health aide while awaiting the fall when I would begin my journey at Marian College. I looked at other schools, but the close faculty to student ratio and faith-based background drew me to this beloved institution. As a Marian alum, I am made of:

  • Compassion for others
  • Dedication to students and their academic success
  • Motivation for progress within our healthcare community
  • Motivation for progress within our society

I worked at the Veteran’s hospital while going to school as a nursing assistant. Upon graduation, I began working as a registered nurse at St. Vincent hospital in Indianapolis. I loved working with adult patients on their medical-surgical and orthopedic units. I went back to school to pursue a graduate degree in Nursing Leadership. I thought I wanted to be a unit manager. However, during my practicum, my capstone project, which centered around education of nurses, is when I realized education was my passion. I always wanted to go back to Marian and give back what I received: a sound foundation in nursing, professionalism, and personal growth.

I completed my Master’s degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. I accepted a job offer as a part-time clinical instructor. After several years, I was promoted to full-time clinical lead nursing faculty. While working full time, I completed my Doctorate in Nursing Practice degree. My husband, Jason, and two kids are not only my motivation, but my biggest cheerleaders.

What are others made of?

Now, as the director of nursing academic services for Marian’s online accelerated nursing program in Indy, I work very closely with our career changers. I have a deep regard for our students, who often restructure their entire life, current career, and focus on the goal of becoming a nurse in 16 months. As an adult learner, I can relate to them. Among many things, they are made of:

  • Determination to advance the life chances of their family
  • Motivation to succeed
  • Anxiety related to the unknown of their latest choice of pursing a nursing degree

This can be a scary yet rewarding journey. Students have to be okay being vulnerable and reverting back to a novice stage of learning and development. Marian offer’s so many resources for students to succeed such as the Learning and Counseling Services. We even have success plans that we can tailor to each student.

What is Marian made of?

One of the things I love most about working at Marian is the incorporation of our Franciscan values. These values are so fundamental to being a caring and decent human being. Through the incorporation of these values, we are made to:

  • Dignify the individual
  • Treat others in a peaceful and justified manner
  • Reconcile any differences
  • Be a responsible steward

Marian University’s mission to transform lives, and serve the public is fundamental to what Christ is made of. Our students, faculty, and community are all enriched with these fundamental values, truths, and beliefs.

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