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By Elizabeth Griffith | August 15, 2017

People go back to school for many reasons; maybe they desire a fresh start in a new field, maybe they're lucky enough to already work in the industry they love but need to specialize their skills, or maybe going back to school motivates them to fulfill lifelong dreams. Regardless of their reasons, the objectives are often the same—to pursue a career which leads to professional success within an area they enjoy.

Changing Careers

Erin Hastings Paralegal StudentErin Hastings always had a desire to help and serve others. After high school, she worked as a hostess and moved on as a server while attending community college. After graduating with an associate’s degree, she opted to continue working in the familiar hospitality industry, where she worked as a restaurant manager. Although she loved what she did, she had always dreamt of a career in the legal industry, but self-doubt kept her from pursuing her dreams.

Fifteen years later, Erin knew she was ready for a change and was compelled to seek the education and training she needed to help her enter into a career in the legal industry. She enrolled in Marian's Adult Programs at Marian University, where she completed a Certificate in Paralegal Studies in 2016.

Erin recently accepted a position as a legal assistant at Mallor Grodner where she provides support in cases surrounding family and employment law. Now, she’s free to enjoy time with her family during weekends and on holidays; and she still gets to help and serve others. She explains, “I can use what I learned in school and what I have learned at the firm to make people’s lives better. I like seeing the good guys win and to experience that joy. It makes me happy and glad that I chose this profession.” Erin plans to work her way up to a paralegal position and continues to expand her experience, familiarity, and reputation within the firm.

Career Advancement

Karen Snider Paralegal StudentKaren Snider enjoyed an established 20+ year career as a Legal Assistant at a firm in Vincennes where she worked mostly in corporate and real estate law. She knew she wanted to work as a Paralegal, but needed to acquire the appropriate level of education before that would be a possibility. In the summer of 2015, Karen enrolled in MAP’s Paralegal Studies program.

Later this month, Karen will graduate with an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies. In July 2016, she accepted a position as a Paralegal (also at Mallor Grodner), where she now works with several attorneys across multiple areas of law.

When asked to identify the most beneficial aspects of her time at Marian, Karen stressed the importance of developing excellent reading and writing skills, "being able to read, comprehend, and articulate have been invaluable." She was able to use her familiarity with the legal industry, the experience gained through a hands-on education, and her excellent communication skills to obtain entry into her chosen career.

Goal Completion

Mia McRoy Paralegal StudentMia McRoy had a different goal in mind when she entered the MAP Paralegal Studies program in the fall of 2014. She had amassed 15 years of combined experience as a business owner, real estate agent, insurance agent, and human resources manager; but had always been interested in law, governmental policies, and procedures. Mia wanted to transition into a career in the legal/government sector where she could combine her business and management skills with her newly acquired foundation in legal terminology, processes, and policies.

Mia not only earned an Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies in December 2016, but is now weeks away from completing her Bachelor of Business Administration. She began her new career path as paralegal intern with the Hendricks County Courts in 2016, followed by a full-time position as a Paralegal with the Marion County Courts. She considers her internship as a vital piece of her education, stating, "I gained a strong understanding of how to become more resourceful by perfecting my research skills..."

As of July 2017, Mia accepted a position as a Project Manager in the Offices of Mayor Joe Hogsett — City of Indianapolis, and has applied to graduate school where she will earn her master's degree in public administration.

No two students are the same; each comes with his or her own unique life, professional experiences, and vision for the future. However, what they do have in common is the time they invested at Marian's Adult Programs in preparation for the next chapter of their careers, and the tenacity needed to reach their desired degree of professional success.

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