An Easter Prayer for Personal Rejuvenation

by User Not Found | Apr 12, 2017
By Natasha Blakemore-Evans | April 12, 2017
Flower Photo by Anja Pietsch via FlickrAs I think about when the winter season ends and spring begins to blossom, I think about how many of us share in the tradition of “spring cleaning” with tasks like cleaning out our closets, or painting and rearranging our home furnishings. The springtime always seems to ignite a new sense of optimism and rejuvenation. Seeing all the beauty of spring unfolding around us is uplifting, inspiring, and often leads to deeper self-reflection. This year, as we enjoy the wonderful bloom of spring, let us not forget the Easter holiday and what it really signifies. Use this season of rebirth to awaken the newness of your own purpose and servitude. As you empty out your closets, focus on ways to also empty your heart and mind and rid yourself of the lingering burdens of yesterday, which allow the joy of the season and Christs’ love to stir your heart and provide you with a fresh outlook on life. As you rearrange your home, take a moment to rethink what is important and how your life can positively impact someone who is in need. 
Remember that every day presents an opportunity to start anew, to make a positive change; no matter how big or small. Reflecting on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ will bring you renewed faith and a clearer sense of purpose as well as emotional refreshment and spiritual rejuvenation. Share in the secret of joyous living, which God has provided us; knowing that whatever happens, Christ is real and we have joy beyond measure because He is risen. 
God, please give us eyes to see the beauty of spring and to behold Your glory and majesty in all things. Help us to live daily with joy and hope in our hearts; knowing that whatever happens, Your love and peace surrounds us every day. Teach us that we need only to open our hearts and minds to Your love to truly experience the celebration of personal rejuvenation during this blessed Easter season. 
May this Easter holiday season spawn a deeper sense of faith and commitment within you.
May you hear the melody of a song bird with a new appreciation and a greater awareness of God’s love.
May joy and fulfillment overwhelm you in every way.
May your life be filled with hope and inspiration, so that you will prosper and thrive in spite of life’s adversities and challenges.
And may you take joy in knowing that the resurrection of our Lord gives each of us a new life and renewed hope for the future.
Go forward sharing goodness and love to all, and have a blessed and rejuvenating Easter holiday.

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