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Tornado/Weather Warning: Code Grey and Code Black


  • Code Grey indicates conditions are favorable for severe weather and could possibly change for the worse. EX: Tornado Watch 
  • Code Black indicates conditions exist that are severe and more severe weather is imminent. EX: Tornado Warning 
  • Note: Weather conditions are continually monitored by Safety and Support Services (SASS), the main switchboard of PHJC and MUAC facilities.

NOTIFICATION will be delivered by Campus Shield, text message, emails, loud speaker announcements and community tornado sirens. DO NOT CALL CAMPUS SECURITY. 

Warning sirens will consist of long, continuous wails for several minutes. All-clear siren will consist of three short bursts of the siren.

Inside a Building

  • When Code Grey is announced everyone [residents, coworkers, students and visitors] should immediately close all curtains, blinds etc. in their general vicinity until an “all clear” is announced. 
  • During a Code Grey caution should be used with regards outdoor activities such as, but not limited to, walking, boating, fishing etc. 
  • SASS will function as weather condition “spotters” and will notify reception if conditions in our vicinity seem to be getting worse or dangerous. 
  • Everyone should be prepared to move quickly to safety should the severe weather progress to a Code Black. 
  • Once conditions are severe enough that SASS calls for a CODE BLACK 
  • everyone should immediately move to any interior safe space away from 
  • windows and doors. 
    • Examples of interior safe spaces would be hallways, laundry rooms, restrooms, interior offices with no or few windows, and closets. 
  • SASS and Reception will monitor the situation and call the “All Clear” when conditions are once again safe. 

Go to the designated shelter, interior hallway, or small room on the lowest level of the building you are in. Move below ground, if possible. Begin shelter in place: stay inside until given further instructions or an all-clear is announced. Move away from windows and doors to the interior space of buildings. Take an emergency radio and flashlight if available.

Wait for all-clear signal before leaving safe area.

DO NOT open windows unless instructed to do so. DO NOT stand or sit near windows and exterior doors. DO NOT attempt to turn utilities or equipment on or off. 

After the all-clear, leave badly damaged buildings and DO NOT attempt to return to the building unless directed to do so by SASS.

Outside a Building

Seek a safe structure. If shelter is unavailable, lie flat in a ditch or low area.
Watch for downed power lines and call campus police at 
  • From an external phone: 574-936-9936 
  • From an internal extension: 0
    Wait for all-clear signal before leaving safe area.
DO NOT stay in your car.

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