What to Bring for SOAR

  • Cell phone and charger - Posting SOAR selfies to your Snapchat story, tweeting about how much you love your new school , and adding contact information for all your new friends will drain your battery! Don't forget to bring your charger, especially if you're staying overnight. 
  • Dress for the weather - We don’t want you to be caught out in the rain, so bringing an umbrella is always a good idea. Although it may be hot and sunny outside, it can get cold inside air conditioned buildings, so a light jacket or sweater won’t hurt either. 
  • Sunscreen - We'll spend most of the program indoors, but there will be some outdoor activities and time spent walking from building to building. If you burn easily, we recommend bringing sunscreen.
  • Comfortable walking shoes - Although Marian's campus is compact, you may walk between several buildings during SOAR. And, if you are attending a two-day program, we bringing comfortable shoes.
  • Questions - We recommend you start a list now with all the questions you have about Marian and bringing it SOAR. We want you to leave SOAR will all of your questions answered so you feel confident and ready to begin your college journey! 
  • A list of any dual-credit courses you're currently taking - If you were admitted to Marian in the fall, there's a good chance we're not yet aware of any dual-credit, AP, or transfer credit to took this past spring. We recommend listing out those courses or bringing an unofficial transcript to share with your academic advisor.

What to bring for two-day, overnight SOAR programs

  • A blanket, pillow, and sheets - Due to COVID-19 we're unable to provide sheets and other bed linens. Please be sure to pack these things for a comfortable overnight stay.
  • A change of clothes for day two.
  • Comfortable clothes for evening activities and sleeping - If sand volleyball is your game, we highly recommend you bring some athletic wear.
  • Toiletries, including toothbrush, toothpaste, glasses, contact solution, face wash, shampoo and shower products, a towel, and anything else you need to stay clean and comfortable.
  • Any prescriptions or medications you may need.

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