5 Ways to Maximize the Value of Your Undergraduate Business Studies

By Eric Chitwood, M.B.A. | February 27, 2017

Eric Chitwood

The time to prepare for your career in business should not begin after you graduate from college. There are steps that you can take now that will ease your transition from classroom to boardroom and will set you up for success: 


1. Leverage your professor’s knowledge base – Your professor is an important resource that can provide insight and perspective from the business world. You don’t have to limit your interaction with the professor to just course-related matters. Ask your instructor about his or her own professional experiences. Ask for their advice in your current work situation. Bounce ideas off them. Let them be your sounding board for career-related decisions.

2. Join a professional group – You don’t have to be a graduate to enjoy the benefits of professional associations. One such group is The National Society of Leadership and Success. Some of the many member benefits include scholarships and awards, a job bank, an outstanding speaker series and networking opportunities. And yes, there is a Marian University chapter.

3. Networking – For MAP students, there are no shortage of professional networking opportunities. Most of your classmates are working adults who possess years of working experience and knowledge. There are classmates who work in industries that interest you. Reach out to them and share your own experiences. Building relationships in college will not only help you in the classroom, it will serve you well in the future. It’s also time to join the social networking bandwagon. If you’re on Facebook, look up and “like” the  page. This is an easy way to stay connected (and contribute) to your MAP community.

4. Get involved – You have the opportunity to gain valuable leadership experience as a college student. By looking for opportunities to contribute your ideas and thoughts, you are providing a much needed perspective from the MAP community. The Student Government Association serves as the voice of the undergraduate student body. Make your voice heard. You will not only gain valuable experience, you will make a positive difference. More information can be found at

5. Utilize all of your available tools – There are many tools available to assist you in your academic journey. Listed are three of the many resources and tools available to MAP students:


No matter how far you are in to your academic career, it is never too late to take advantage of any or all of these steps in order to maximize your academic experience.


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