Benefits of Earning a Business Degree

By Tanya Pechous, Ed.D. | December 12, 2016 

Dr. Pechous Family Photo SmallI jumped at the opportunity to write a blog about the Benefits of Earning a Business Degree. For starters, a large part of me is guilty… guilty of being a bookworm, a nerd, or someone who is like a sponge and has an absolute passion for higher education. More importantly, it got me thinking about some of the more practical reasons for earning a business degree including:

  • Career Advancement.  Let’s face it, the piece of paper truly does matter. When I returned to school as an adult learner, working on my Master’s degree, upon graduation I immediately earned a promotion. With that promotion came higher pay. With that higher pay came more visibility. With more visibility came even more opportunities to advance. And so on and so on.

    Most of us don’t have the luxury of not working. The bottom line is we go to work to earn a living to provide for ourselves and for our loved ones. With a Business Degree, the sky is the limit on where you can go and what you can do from a career perspective. Business degrees provide so many opportunities in a variety of industries. Many top employers require their staff to have degrees prior to joining their workforce, as that sets them apart and gives them a competitive advantage over other companies.
  • Personal Enrichment.  Most of the people I encounter have goals they want to accomplish. Some call it a bucket list. If you have always wanted to earn your business degree, then now is the time. When students confide in me that they tried college before, but it did not work out or that they waited “too” long to return to college, I always say the same thing; it’s never too late never too late to earn your degree, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to complete it. Just do it.

    Believe that you can do it, and don’t give up. Also, try envisioning your graduation ceremony, which I found to be extremely helpful during times I felt overwhelmed and discouraged when pursuing my Doctorate degree. The sense of pride you will likely feel once you earn your business degree is pure ecstasy.
  • Modeling Positive Behavior.  Many adult learners who return to college to earn their business degree have children. Imagine how motivating it is for your child to see you working hard to earn your degree. I have encountered many students who do homework alongside their own children or who have college-aged students simultaneously earning their undergraduate degree. The bottom line is, good habits, such as hard work, don’t typically go unnoticed by your children as well as your peers. When those around you see the sacrifices you are making to earn your business degree, it can have a profound effect on them. You have the power to model positive behavior among coworkers, peers, your friends, and family. You have the potential to influence some of them to also return to college or to pursue other goals they may have.

In closing, back to that bucket list… on my bucket list is to be a contestant on the game show Jeopardy—mark my words, it will happen someday! 

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