Understanding Online Nursing Prerequisites

Whether you’ve just begun to pursue a nursing degree or you’ve been out of school for a while—completing your nursing school prerequisites online is a flexible and efficient way to earn the credits nursing schools require, such as; biology, physiology, human anatomy, and microbiology. 

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Reasons online nursing prerequisites might be right for you:

  • Speed – You want to start your nursing program as soon as possible, right? Look for accelerated programs where you can complete classes in ​five- to eight-weeks helping you meet those nursing school application deadlines.
  • Quality – Academic quality and reputation matter. The prerequisite courses provide your foundation for nursing school. Find an accredited program that takes your preparation for nursing school seriously.
  • Flexibility – While online nursing prerequisites allow for flexibility, you’ll want to look for structured online courses, with specific deadlines and due dates, to keep you on schedule. Doing a self-paced program can lead to procrastination.
  • Cost – Taking classes online is usually a very affordable option as many colleges discount their traditional tuition costs for part-time students. Some colleges also offer deferred tuition which means you don’t have to pay up-front for your classes.
What are other important things to remember?

  • Credit Transferability – The school that you are attending always has the final say on the content match from one program to another. So be sure to check with their Registrar's office. Remember, taking your nursing prerequisites at an accredited institution is a must.
  • Know what you need – If you have already decided which school you will attend, make sure you know what their specific nursing school requirements are. If you are still deciding, look at your top choices and figure out what classes they require. That way when you take your online chemistry course, you will also be investing in nursing school.
Nursing school is a significant investment. For your nursing prerequisite courses, choose a reputable college that fits your needs and will prepare you to be successful in nursing school. Then… buckle up, because your journey to a new career in nursing is just beginning!

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