Core Law Courses

Core Courses Credit Hours
BUS 301Business Law
ENG 239Professional Writing3
LAW 104 Introduction to the Paralegal Profession 3
LAW 215 Legal Research 3
LAW 216 Legal Writing and Communication 3
LAW 256 Legal Responsibilities & Ethical Dec. Making 3
LAW 261 Legal Liability: Contracts for the Paralegal 3
LAW 262 Legal Liability: Torts for the Paralegal 3
LAW 272 Civil Litigation for the Paralegal 3
LAW 285 Case Practice Mgmt. & Technology Capstone 3
LAW 290 Legal Career Preparation & Development 1
LAW 292 Credentialing for the Paralegal Profession 1
LAW 350 Current Events - Social/Criminal Justice 3
LAW 360 Internship in Pre-law Studies/Paralegal Studies 3
 General Education Courses 28-31

For a listing of General Education requirements, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog of Programs or contact your advisor. Course scheduling may vary each semester and each year.

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