Health and human services

Effective healthcare coordination requires a team.

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Bachelor's Degree Core HHS Courses

Your Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services degree will prepare you for today's competitive job market or to pursue a graduate degree.

To earn the Bachelor of Arts in Health and Human Services, you must complete the following core courses.

Core Classes Credit Hours
BUS 330 Leadership 3
ENG 239 Professional Writing 3
MGT 250Principles of Management3
PBH 100 Introduction to Human Services & Social Problems 3
PBH 201Public Health and Society3
PBH 301Intro to Epidemiology3
PBH 330Family, Child, and People with Disabilities3
PBH 340Crisis and Interventions3
PBH 495 Health and Human Services Capstone 3
SOC 325 Social Class, Power & Inequality 3
SOC 377 Global Health Issues and Interventions 3
SOC 451Social Psychology3

Core courses also include seven credit hours in one of two tracks:

  • Nursing track includes: PBH 342, SOC 305, and one science lab.
  • General track includes: PBH 342, SOC 100, and SOC 305.
General Education Courses 38

Psychology or Business Minor 18
 Minimum Elective Courses42


For a listing of General Education requirements and minors, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog of Programs or contact your advisor. Course scheduling may vary each semester and each year.

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