Ronald Allerton, Ph.D.

Ronald Allerton, Ph.D.


Dr. Allerton has worked in the chemistry/medical field for over four decades. During his college days, he worked in summer appointments as a lab tech in nuclear physics and nuclear chemistry at Carnegie Institute of Technology and the Mellon Foundation. Then, after graduate studies, he worked as a lab supervisor in an analytical chemistry lab, testing environmental samples, drinking water, wastewater, industrial chemical process materials, and industrial waste materials.

He also served as an on-site chemical consultant for chemical processing streams and waste/contamination/environmental projects in the industrial setting.

After the 20+ years in commercial chemical analyses, Dr. Allerton returned to the academic scene, lecturing chemistry at The Ohio State University for several years.

He also had a 10-year span teaching biochemistry and physiology at a med-school, and covered a number of years teaching “Medical Technology,” a survey course of study that looked at the foundational processes and functions of virtually every operating system in the human body. It was a cellular-level and organ-level study of the form and function of how the body and tissues develop and work in daily life and times.

In recent years, Dr. Allerton has worked in the online environment covering courses in chemistry and several other basic sciences and math.

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