Carly Carvell, M.D.

Carly Carvell, M.D.


My name is Dr. Carly Carvell and I am originally from London, England. I grew up in London right up until I came to the United States for Undergraduate schooling. I studied psychology and behavioral neuroscience at Purdue University before going on to Indiana University School of Medicine where I obtained my Medical Degree. I love to teach and have taught the on-ground microbiology course at Marian (in Indianapolis). I have a passion for combining the basic science of microbiology with clinical knowledge. I look forward to taking this microbiology journey with you. I am an avid foodie and photography enthusiast when time allows me to be; my husband is an assistant professor of physics at Marian and together we enjoy teaching and taking our son on adventures (most recently at Disney) when we get the chance. I very much look forward to getting to know all of you and please do not hesitate to reach out and introduce yourself.

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