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Momentum - Student Led Marketing Agency

Marketing majors and other Byrum School students who are interested in marketing and advertising are invited to join Momentum, the university’s student-led marketing agency. 

Momentum’s activities focus on completing marketing and advertising projects in an agency capacity for client companies. Students working as part of the agency have honed their skills in a variety of competitions for nationally-known clients. Some accomplishments include:

  • Second Place, AMA International Marketing Plan Competition, Client: Amazon Prime Student 2021
  • First Place, District 6, 5th Place, Nationally, National Student Advertising Competition. Client: Adobe 2020
  • First Place, District 6, National Student Advertising Competition. Client: Mary Kay Cosmetics 2014
  • First Place, National Social Media Competition. Client: Sun King Breweries 2019

Companies interested in exploring opportunities with the Momentum agency should contact Professor Lori Rumreich, for information.

For information

Lori Rumreich
Assistant Professor of Marketing
Faculty advisor
(317) 955-6037

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