Mission and Vision

The mission of Marian University is to be a Catholic university dedicated to excellent teaching and learning in the Franciscan and liberal arts traditions. We welcome students of all faiths who seek and educational experience framed within the context of our Franciscan values of dignity of the individual, peace and justice, reconciliation, and responsible stewardship. Within in the School of Mathematics and Sciences, we execute that mission in several ways:

  • We provide our students with an intellectually stimulating, challenging, and supportive learning environment.
  • We offer our students the opportunity to have regular contact with all our faculty members so that their advancement is far more than a series of classroom interactions - it is much more of a long-term process of professional and personal mentoring.
  • We recruit and retain faculty members who combine enthusiasm for teaching with dedication to scholarship.
  • We put our students in learning settings that are designed to maximize their ability to be successful at the next stage of their academic or professional careers. These learning settings are active, not passive, and are designed to encourage students to be active about pulling information from their surroundings.
  • We believe that the textbook is, at best, only a minor tool for learning. Thus, we operate under the premise that the only way to learn mathematics is to do mathematics and the only way to learn science is to do science. This means that we provide our students with every opportunity to get into the laboratory and operate as independently as possible.


The vision of Marian University is to provide an education that profoundly transforms lives, society, and the world. Within the School of Mathematics and Sciences, we execute that vision by providing our students with a unique combination of personal faculty member attention and opportunities to do rigorous project-based and laboratory-based mathematics and science. It is our goal that our students graduate ready to move successfully to the next stage of their education or directly into their careers.

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Notice of Nondiscrimination
Marian University does not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age or disabilities in the recruiting and selection of students for admission.