Grades 9-12

In the News programs 
The Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab will share some of the science behind current issues and research making the news today. Participants will discuss that advancements in science may pose ethical questions and that opinions vary among individuals. During the program, participants will have the opportunity to exchange their ideas about science and the ethical issues realized.

In The News - Genetically Modified Organisms
Humans have been genetically modifying organisms for years, but what does that really mean? This program will explain the science behind the term “genetically modified.” Further, participants will understand why scientists have developed modification techniques, how they are being used in the world today, and the effects on our daily and future lives.

In The News – Cloning and Stem Cell Research
Cloning is a hot topic in the news. This program will begin to help participants understand the science behind stem cell and cloning research. From there, participants will learn how scientists are using these principles to develop new procedures to improve the quality of life for humans.

In The News – Forensic Life Science
CSI Vegas, Miami, or New York; crimes are being solved everywhere. Distinguish between the fact and fiction of these shows. What does forensics really mean? Are the cases always solved so quickly and easily? This program will expose students to some different lab techniques that are helping solve many mysteries; from anthropologists looking for clues to the past, to entomologists studying insects in order to better understand decomposition of tissue.

In The News – Epidemiology 
The Centers for Disease Control provides health and life-saving information about epidemics that may concern our nation and citizens. But what are scientists studying and discovering? By starting with the basics of life and learning about some of the microscopic organisms that impact our city and population’s well-being, we will become more knowledgeable citizens and protect future epidemics from occurring.

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