Grades 3-5

The Body – Gross, Yucky & Oh So Cool!
We all know kids ask those inevitable questions that adults are hesitant to answer. This program explores functions of the human body. Find out about the microscopic “bugs” living on all of us. If you’re a squeamish adult, take caution, we may gross you out. 

*Comparative Dissection Lab
Join the Nina mason Pulliam EcoLab team as we examine and compare the anatomy of three different animals. Learn about adaptations, classification, and body systems of a snake, rat, and pigeon. Students will work in groups to investigate and dissect one of the above-mentioned animals. Discussion of similarities and differences will follow, as students will have the opportunity to view the work of their peers.

It’s a Small World
How do snake skin, butterfly wings, and sand differ when we look at them with our eyes, a magnifying glass, and a microscope? This program provides a hands-on introduction to magnifiers, magnification, and microscopes. Participants will view microscopic marvels of everyday objects, while learning the proper techniques to use a real microscope.

Mixed-up Mixtures and Solutions 
Look no further for hands on experiments! What are the differences between mixtures and solutions? What are some mixtures found in the human body? What are some of the properties of molecules? During this program, students are encouraged to investigate and explore various scientific principles through experimentation. *Special fees are required for this program.

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