Institute for Green and Sustainable Science

The Institute for Green and Sustainable Science is a seven-week research-based summer program hosted by Marian University, Indianapolis, focusing on issues related to energy sustainability, green chemistry, and sustainability ecology.

On three mornings per week, students attend lectures from regular faculty members Dr. Carl Lecher and Dr. Roderick Macrae; as well as from a variety of visiting speakers. Course credit for this part of the program, through CHE 380 Special Topics in Chemistry, is obtained through completion of assignments based on literature research, discussion leadership, data mining, and calculations. This work combines individual and collaborative components.

The main objectives of this portion of the program are:

  • Form a basis for quantitative locally-relevant insights related to energy sustainability,
  • Acquire a familiarity with metrics used to assess the greenness of a chemical process, and
  • Develop an understanding of the influence of environmental factors on animal and plant populations.

The afternoons are dedicated to laboratory research on projects chosen in consultation between participating students and faculty members. Course credit for this portion of the program is based upon continuous assessment of research work as well as on oral and poster presentation at the end of the program. The objective of this component of the Institute is to generate new scientific work of publication quality in the field of energy sustainability, green chemistry, or sustainability ecology.

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