Ecology and Environmental Science

The Ecology and Environmental Science program is a concentration within the Biology Major. This arrangement allows students to gain a broad science background and a wide range of job opportunities in the ecology and environmental science field while taking courses that fit their interest in the environment.

Ecology and Environmental Science Concentration

Concentration Courses (at least 21 credit hours):

Choose at least one of the following
CRS # Name Credits When offered
BIO 320 Ecology 4 2FE
BIO 327 Animal Behavior 4 2SE
Choose from the following list
CRS # Name Credits When offered
BIO 260 Botany 4 2FO
BIO 270 Zoology 4 2FE
BIO 321 Conservation Biology 3 2SO
BIO 323 Ornithology 4 Summer
BIO 327 Animal Behavior 4 2SE
BIO 328 Marine Biology 4 2SE
BIO 361 Field Biology 3 Summer
BIO 372 Invertebrate Biology 4 ADD
BIO 374 Vertebrate Biology 4 ADD
BIO 3XX Environmental Sci. and Policy 4 2SE
BIO 3XX Endocrinology 4 2FE
BIO 3XX Ecological Physiology 4 2SE
BIO 415 Molecular Genetics 4 2SO
BIO 462 Education & Interpretation 2 2SO
BIO 463 Restoration Ecology 2 2FO
BIO 465 Geographic Info Systems 2 2SE
BIO 360 Junior Internship 1-4  
BIO 398 Junior Research 1-4  
BIO 460 Senior Internship 1-4  
BIO 498 Senior Research 1-4  
CHE 270 Environmental Chemistry 4 2FE
CHE 315 Environmental Toxicology 3 2FO
CHE 420 Instrumental Analysis 4 ADD
ECN 310 Environmental Economics 3 2SO
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