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Nina Mason Pulliam EcoLab Facilities

Due to the hard work and generous support of many foundations, companies, the University, staff and volunteers, the NMP EcoLab now houses two main facilities to accomodate community, school and other such groups for environmental education opportunities - the Nina Mason Pulliam Nature Center and the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Outdoor Classroom.

Nina Mason Pulliam Nature Center

The Nina Mason Pulliam Nature Center (NMPNC) provides a place where Pre K - 12 students visiting the NMP EcoLab can gather for preparatory sessions, eat lunch, use the restroom facilities and participate in interactive science programs.  The NMPNC also is used to accommodate larger groups of students, so that one cohort can engage in activities in the NMP EcoLab while anotehr has a lesson in the Nature Center.  The NMPNC is also a primary location for Marian University's interactive video conferencing programs, which provides science programs to schools all over the country.  This interactive video conferencing technology also includes a mobile option called Meeting on the Move, which can be used to offer programs directly from the NMP EcoLab to students located anywhere in the world.

Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Outdoor Classroom

ecolab outdoor classroomThe Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust Outdoor Classroom was dedicated on November 13, 2009.  This sustainably built unique round structure (designed to evoke a beaver lodge) is visited by virtually every NMP EcoLab visitor, is a focal point for field trips, and has become a popular study spot for Marian University students. 

IPL Environmental Education Resource Center

Eco lab resource station imgThe IPL Environmental Education Resource Center is located within the Nina Mason Pulliam Nature Center.  Through the generous support of the Indianapolis Power & Light Company, a variety of high-quality nature investigation tools are available to be used by teachers, youth leaders and students for on-site exploration of the Marian University EcoLab and its 55 acres of wetland and forest habitat.  Some of the resources are also used during student visits to the Nature Center as part of their NMP EcoLab field trip experience. 

Examples of environmental education resources include:  field guides, insect nets, river boots, binoculars, cameras, GPS units, magnifiers, compasses, and much more. 

For more information about the resources, contact 317-524-7700. 


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