Leading with Legacy:
Because You Care About Tomorrow

You have one life...

Make it count! You plan your work week. You plan vacations. You may plan meals. And, of course, you plan for retirement. But if you believe in a better and stronger tomorrow for the people and causes you care most about, you should probably have a plan for that as well. If you find yourself wondering about what your legacy will be, then let us help you understand some of your options. Whether or not Marian University benefits is up to you, but we promise that planned giving options you consider today can absolutely have a powerful impact on tomorrow.


You have options...

Regardless of your age or income, there is a planned giving option that will work for you. Terms like Wills and Bequests, Stock Gifts, Retirement Giving, and Donor Advised Funds Planned may seem intimidating, but the important thing to remember is WHY you want to do this. There are experts who can help figure out the HOW that works best for you. Basically, planned giving offers flexibility and peace of mind. You might as well explore your options.

Donor Perspective

Philip '81 and Teresa Houser '80 Carson

"We have been blessed with what Marian University did for us, and giving back helps a great cause. As found in Luke 12:48, 'Much will be required of the person entrusted with much, and still more will be demanded of the person entrusted with more'."


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