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San Damiano Scholarship Program for Church Leadership

To be a San Dam is to discern and respond to God’s call to rebuild the Church in the world today. It’s building a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ, showing care for the community, being an active learner, and being a person on a mission.

Where does the name San Damiano come from?

Eight centuries ago in the Italian town of Assisi, a young man named Francis had an experience that changed history. As he knelt before the crucifix in the church of San Damiano, Francis heard Christ speak: "Francis, go rebuild my church, which you see is falling into ruin."

We believe God echoes these words to us today, encouraging us to respond in new ways to meet growing needs. Marian University's San Damiano Scholars strive to understand and discern what “rebuild my church” means to them. It’s a profoundly important—and individual—challenge with lasting societal implications.

What career path is calling you?


We believe the Church deserves well-formed and grounded leaders. People who are willing to answer the call to something larger than themselves. People who are willing to explore their beliefs and find their life’s work. People who have a love for their church and want to explore faith-based career options.

No matter where your career interests lie, explore the call to something bigger than yourself—communities, churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, healthcare providers, and other groups need talented engaged leaders who are filled with the compassion, light, and love of their faith.

Scholarship. Discipleship. Leadership.

The San Damiano Scholars Program prepares students as missionary disciples through scholarship, discipleship, and leadership formation.○The following values were identified as essential for illuminating our way:

  • Catholic and Franciscan Education
  • Christ-Centered Community
  • Holy Spirit-Driven Discernment
  • Mission-Oriented Leadership


The San Dam Program aims to educate students for integrating and applying theological wisdom in their professional fields and in the Church. Students will:

  • Study and contemplate the fundamentals of Sacred Scripture, learning to apply them to contemporary life in the Church and world.
  • Integrate contemporary Catholic belief and practice in search for truth and promotion of justice.
  • Draw upon the essentials of Church history in formulating responses to diverse vocational and professional contexts.

All Students who are San Damiano Scholars will either major or minor in Ministry Studies.


Student PrayingSan Dam strives to form students in the way of Jesus Christ guided by the Holy Spirit and with the Catholic Church. Students will:

  • Center life, individually and communally, around the Eucharist.
  • Display ongoing discernment through self-knowledge and relationship with God.
  • Practice a robust prayer life implementing a variety of spiritual practices.
  • Build life-giving Christian fellowship that is intentional, supportive, and ecumenical.

Practically students will be a part of a small group on campus, attend yearly retreats, practice varied forms of prayer, and have opportunities to receive the Sacraments regularly.


The San Damiano Scholars will train students to lead through service with compassion for others. Students will:

  • Promote the dignity of the individual, including the self and the other.
  • Support human flourishing by defending the goodness and giftedness of the poor and vulnerable.
  • Witness the joy of the Gospel to others in word and deed.

Apply. Interview. Accept.

be open to the ways in which God moves in and through your lifeTo be eligible, you should:

  • Be focused on academics and intellectually curious, both in and out of the classroom.
  • Have a minimum 3.00 GPA.
  • Demonstrate leadership and service in your high school, community, and church.
  • Have a desire to serve or work in a faith-based capacity after earning your bachelor's degree.
  • Have an openness and desire to discern one’s calling.
  • Apply for admission to Marian University.
  • Complete our San Damiano Scholarship Application in the fall of your senior year in high school, apply by November 15th.

Upon review of your application, we'll notify you if you are invited to interview.

Once accepted, we'll provide you with more information about student orientation and getting ready for fall classes.

Connect. Visit. Engage.

All High School Students:

  1. Sign-up to be recruited for the San Damiano Scholarship Program for Church Leadership.
  2. Schedule an official visit to Marian University's campus.
  3. Come to out San Damiano Come and See Day on October 4th from 9am-3pm.
  4. Complete our San Damiano Scholarship Application in the fall of your senior year in high school.
  5. Apply for the Missionary Disciples Institute at Marian University held on campus for one week over the summer if you are not a senior.
  6. Connect with us by following the San Damiano Instagram and Facebook accounts!

Nominate a Student

Here is where we need your help. Can you identify, name, and connect us to student you think would be good fits for the San Damiano Scholarship Program? This Program seeks to continue to foster faith in students who are passionate about being leaders in their community, schools and church communities! 

Nominate your students for the San Damiano Scholars Program

With your nominations, we will reach the student about the program and invite them to apply.

Catholic Franciscan Leadership Programs Staff

  • Elizabeth
    Elizabeth Brown
    Recruiter for San Damiano Scholars Program
    (317) 955-6499
    Stokley Mansion Bio
  • Patrick
    Patrick Verhiley 
    Executive Director of Catholic Franciscan Leadership Programs (CFLP)
    (317) 955-6459
    Stokely Mansion
  • Billy
    Billy Cross
    Director of Missionary Disciple Institute
    (317) 955-6739
    Stokely Mansion

Financial Aid

At Marian University, we offer a $8,500 scholarship (per year, over four years) to students who are ready to be intentionally formed and educated to be a leader in the Church. Whether that student seeks to be a minister in a parish or nurse in faith-based hospital, we are seeking students who desire to answer God's call for their lives.

We believe in the value of a Marian University education and that students pursuing higher education are making an investment in themselves and in their future. The costs of college and the idea of student debt, however – especially at a private university like Marian – can be concerning and even overwhelming to students and their families, especially when students are looking at more mission focused jobs. That’s why we’re excited to offer a loan repayment assistance program (LRAP).

Our LRAP is a safety net, we offer for students that are awarded and accept the San Damiano Scholarship. Once you are employed after graduation, if you earn less than $45,000 per year, we will help you repay your student (and parent PLUS) loans until you do.

LRAP covers all federal direct and private alternative student loans, as well as parent PLUS loans.

LRAP Eligibility

  • Simply enroll at Marian as a San Damiano Scholar
  • Must graduate with a Bachelor's degree from Marian University
  • After graduation:
    • Must be employed an average of 30 hours/week and earn less than $45,000/year
    • Must work in the U.S. and cannot work for family

To learn more you may review the terms and conditions at

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