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Study Abroad

Since 2001, the Department of Visual Arts, in partnership with the Department of English and Communications, has been sponsoring study abroad courses. These courses have led to on-site study adventures in Italy (2001), France and Spain (2003), a return to Italy (2005), Italy and Greece (2007, 2009, and 2013), and Turkey, Greece, and Italy (2011).

In the planning stages for May 2015 is a course to be conducted on site in Spain. This course will examine the traditional foci of historical, literary, and artistic developments during Spain's First Golden Age. An age when Muslim, Christian, and Jewish communities and visions richly interacted. Students must undergo an application and interview process and are selected to participate in these Marian University-sponsored courses. Students then attend spring semester lecture sessions which prepare them for a seventeen- to nineteen-day on-site experience in the countries relevant to the course topic.

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