Marian's Learning Experience Model At the core of a Marian University student’s college experience is what happens in the classroom whether these classrooms are online, in Marian Hall, in the community, in clinical settings, on the athletic field, on a bus to Alabama, or across the English countryside.  It is in the classroom that ideas are born, beliefs challenged, and lives changed.  For Marian to develop students who can have a transformational influence in their community, we need to be intentional in the development of the learning experiences students encounter

The core of our work is the Franciscan Values upon which the university is established.  As indicated in our Strategic Plan, this part of our identity should be “evident in our graduates.”  For this to occur, we need to provide our students the opportunity to live out the Values through course assignments and activities, where appropriate. We also need to model the Values and incorporate them into all aspects of our classrooms and our interactions with students.  To develop students who can have a transformational impact on their community, we must move beyond foundational expectations to develop well-designed courses which yield intentionally impactful, inclusive, and integrated learning experiences as described further in the following document. 

Marian University Learning Experience Framework

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