Kristen Metzler-Wilson, PT, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Pharmacology
kristen metzler wilson


Kristen Metzler-Wilson is an associate professor of pharmacology and neuroscience at MU-COM. Dr. Metzler-Wilson earned a bachelor of arts in natural science with a minor in music at Goshen College and a master of science in physical therapy from Texas Woman’s University. After practicing as an inpatient hospital physical therapist for several years, she returned to academia and earned a Ph.D. in neuroscience from Thomas Jefferson University.

Dr. Metzler-Wilson’s research interests relate to the autonomic nervous system and peripheral neuropharmacology. Her dissertation focused on interactions between voltage-gated calcium channels and calcium binding proteins. She obtained additional translational research training at the Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute where she worked on transdermal drug delivery, functional effects of local anesthesia, and agonist dose-response relations in the skin. At MU-COM, she combines her bench science work with human-based studies in her peripheral neuropharmacology investigations.

Dr. Metzler-Wilson has held tenure-track faculty positions at Ohio University and Lebanon Valley College and has taught neuroscience and pharmacology to professional students for a number of years. She enjoys teaching students via a combination of lecture and patient cases to facilitate learning and incorporate pharmacology fundamentals for their future therapeutic application. She is a practicing physical therapist and a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and the American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics.

Clinical/research interests

Primary research goal: to better understand peripheral neuropharmacology, primarily focusing on sensory afferents, calcium signaling, and autonomics.

Representative publications

Metzler-Wilson, K. & Wilson, T.E. Calcium regulation’s impact on eccrine sweating and sweating disorders: the view from cells to glands to intact human skin. Exp Physiol, 101(3):345-6, 2016.

Metzler-Wilson K.^, Toma K.^, Sammons D.L., Mann S., Jurovcik A.J., Demidova O., & Wilson T.E. Augmented supraorbital skin sympathetic nerve activity responses to symptom trigger events in rosacea patients. J Neurophysiol, 1114(3):1530-7, 2015.
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Wilson, T.E. & Metzler-Wilson, K. Sweating chloride bullets: Understanding the role of calcium in eccrine sweat glands and possible implications for hyperhidrosis. Exp Dermitol, 24(3):177-178, 2015.

Metzler-Wilson K.
, Sammons D.L., Ossim M.A., Metzger N.R., Jurovcik A.J., Krause B.A., & Wilson T.E. Extracellular calcium chelation and attenuation of calcium entry decrease in vivo cholinergic-induced eccrine sweating sensitivity in humans. Exp Physiol, 99(2):393-402, 2014.

Metzler-Wilson K., Kellie L., Tomc C., Simpson C., Sammons D., & Wilson T.E. Differential vasodilatory responses to local heating in facial, glabrous and hairy skin. Clin Physiol Funct Imaging, 32(5):361-6, 2012.

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