dcsimg Sage Arbor- Ph.D.

Sage Arbor, Ph. D.

Sage Arbor, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of biochemistry in the Marian University College of Osteopathic Medicine. His primary area of teaching and research involves biochemistry, pharmacology, and drug design. Dr. Arbor earned his bachelor of science degree in biology and chemistry with a minor in biochemistry from Duke University in North Carolina. After working in a startup biotech helping to sequence the first human genome for the NIH, Dr. Arbor went on to attain his Ph.D. in biochemistry from Washington University School of Medicine where he researched protein structure and developed rigid compounds to act as therapeutics.

Prior to coming to Marian University, Dr. Arbor worked as a systems biologist at Pfizer elucidating molecular pathways, drug targets, and describing clinical trial population results due to genomic variation. He then managed an organic and microbial lab at Eurofins Scientific. Most recently Dr. Arbor led the global development of a new LIMS at Pioneer Hi-Bred architecting databases and analytical tools to help with genotyping.

Dr. Arbor has experience teaching in the Molecular Foundations of Medicine as well as an organic chemistry lectures and labs. His research aims to improve the human condition through drug design and compound repurposing while studying protein misfolding, epigenetics, HIV, cancer, and causal links found via mining datasets.

Sage Arbor is currently living in Carmel, Indiana and in his free time enjoys running, basketball, wood carving, public policy work … and, of course, spending time with his beloved wife and colleague, Dr. Tafline Arbor.


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