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Blaine Maley, Ph.D.

Blaine Maley, Ph.D.Blaine Maley, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of anatomy at Marian University. Prior to joining the faculty at Marian University, Dr. Maley was an assistant professor at Des Moines University in the anatomy department with a teaching focus of clinically-oriented functional and developmental anatomy.

Dr. Maley earned his bachelor of arts degree from Bowdoin College in Brunswick Maine, with a major in biochemistry. This was followed by a long stint in New York City, working as a fine arts conservator and sculptor in Central Park and at the American Museum of Natural History. At the Museum of Natural History, Dr. Maley worked to develop fossil reconstructions of hominids for museum displays. This experience provided the seed for his interest in human evolution that led him into the anthropology department at Washington University in St. Louis. There he earned his masters and doctorate degrees, writing his dissertation on modern human cranial variation of Arctic people.

Receiving his Ph.D. in 2011, Dr. Maley landed at Des Moines University, working as an assistant professor in the department of anatomy. He has been a National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners (NBOME) item writer and reviewer, and worked on several committees including Research and Grants, and Biomedical Sciences Coordinating Committee. At Washington University Dr. Maley was highly involved in student leadership activities, serving as the President of the Graduate Student Senate in 2006-07, and serving as the Senior Student Fellow to the Center for the Study of Ethics and Human Values at Washington University in St. Louis from 2008-10. Dr. Maley has received numerous grants for his research including a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Grant. 

His current research program brings him to Bolivia where he is working on Holocene human occupations of the Bolivian Andes, and the more general problem of the early human occupation and migration into the New World over the last 20,000 years. His other academic interests are in the history of evolutionary thought, the history of race “science” and eugenics, and the ethics of personalized medicine and genomics.

In his spare time Dr. Maley enjoys bicycles, sculpture, and fun.

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