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  • Dates: 15 – 15 Feb, 2013
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  1. 1 Malek 19 Feb
    Ok, as an eighth-grader who also had to go tohgurh this crazy NYC high school process (NYC rocks, but us teens have to go tohgurh SO MUCH here just to get into a decent high school, luckily I got accepted to Brooklyn Tech and Murrow; am going to Brooklyn Tech this fall ), I can answer this question.You know how in the HS directory, there were codes you had to put down on the application, and each code is a high school program? Well the OC program error means that you put the code down incorrectly. For example, Murrow's HS code was K57A. Let's say by accident, I put K59A. Then I got accepted into the school whose code is K59A, even though I didn't mean to put that progam down. So if I appealed, I could use this reason for appealing. If you really did put the wrong program code down, then you could use this reason for appealing. However, if you did put the correct code down, DO NOT use this reason for appealing.Uh, ok, just wanted to say that IT IS EXTREMELY HARD TO APPEAL if you got a high school match. YOU NEED AN EXTREMELY GOOD REASON IN ORDER TO EVEN BE CONSIDERED FOR A SEAT.Are you moving? Because if you are moving to a new location, and the school you were matched to is too far away from your new location, then you could use this reason in your appeal form. But you obviously can't use this reason if you are not moving.Do you want to apply to one of the many new high schools opening this fall? Then you could use that reason (unless you don't want to go a new high school.)Do you have special needs? (like a mental disablity, physical disability or something like that that your matched school doesn't cater to?) You can use that.To be honest, you just CANNOT appeal successfully if you reason is only because you just don't like the school you were matched with. If you DID NOT want to go that school, you should HAVE NOT put that school on your list in the first place. The Admissions office will ignore you, I'm sorry. They will being paying more attention to the kids who did not get accepted to any school at all.Hope this somewhat helped.

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