dcsimg Pulitzer Prize-Winning Professor Honored at Indiana University

Pulitzer Prize-Winning Professor Honored at Indiana University

by Katie Bradley | Oct 04, 2013

Bill Foley Bill Foley, Pulitzer Prize-winning assistant professor of photography, received the Distinguished Alumni Award from Indiana University School of Journalism last Saturday, September 28 for his work as a photojournalist documenting events around the globe. 

While working for the Associated Press in Beirut, Foley was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for “Spot News Photography” for his work covering the Sabra and Chatilla Massacre in Beirut in 1982. He was nominated again for his photographs of the bombing of the United States Marine Corps barracks at the Beirut Airport in 1983. In 1990, the “Marine” photograph was chosen by LIFE® magazine as one of the world’s best photographs.

Foley has also had a dynamic teaching career, lecturing in Norway, Dubai, and in Gaza and the West Bank, as well as universities in the United States. Before coming to Marian University, Foley spent six years as an adjunct professor at the NYU Tisch School of Arts, New York City.

His work has been displayed in museums and galleries around the globe, including New York City, Cairo, Sarajevo, Indianapolis, and Washington, D.C.

This Friday, Foley will have his work on display at the M10 Gallery (1125 Brookside Avenue) from 6-9 p.m. The show, “30 years after…US Marines in Beirut 1982-84,” will include some of his widely published shots.

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